Marlborough Securities

The opportunity in UK asset backed investments

The opportunity

Marlborough Securities Sàrl are offering qualifying investors a fixed annual return of 9.25% GBP, generated from secured loans for property developers within the lucrative south east region of the UK. An expected 5 year investment term would therefore generate an Interest Distribution of 46.25%, eclipsing traditional correlated investment.

In recent times the demand for both residential and commercial property within the UK has been significant – driving down the yields these assets would normally expect to achieve. This coupled with changing tax regimes, including buy-to-let taxation, has resulted in property investment becoming far more challenging.

To meet those challenges and take advantage of existing and developing market opportunities, particularly post-Covid-19, Marlborough Securities S.a.r.l. is offering investors the opportunity to access a fully asset-backed Bond with fixed returns. All supported by a team of experienced advisors with a proven track record.