The purpose

Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l. (the Issuer) will issue up to GBP 50,000,000 Marlborough Secured Notes. Each Note has a nominal value of GBP 1,000 or EUR 1,000 or USD 1,000.

The investment monies raised will be managed by the Marlborough Advisor Team, who responsibly allocate loans secured on UK property and other assets via Marlborough Opportunities Limited, who also provide over-collateralised short term, high interest bridging loans in the UK to SME’s, investors and development companies. This provides seed financing for projects in the construction and real estate development sectors, securing the loans against the assets of those companies and/or their principals and shareholders.

The investment scope is not limited to the above, as suitable lending opportunities may arise at short notice and the portfolio may therefore change during the course of the five year investment cycle.

Marlborough Opportunities Limited collaborate with preferred funding partners, such as Grosvenor Bridging Limited, to enable them to secure prime development opportunities and source additional debt.

Their primary purpose is to facilitate secured asset-backed loans to qualifying candidates.

Marlborough Opportunities Limited will issue a quarterly investment summary indicating the current status of the offering and the loans advanced.

The return

High fixed returns for 5 years

Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l. offers investors a medium-term investment option with security in place to protect their capital. The investment returns a high rate of interest fixed at 9.25% (GBP) of annual income over a five year term, and is funded from the revenues generated by selective investment in one of the most lucrative property markets in the world.


  • Fixed Annual income
    • 9.25% GBP
    • 8.5% USD
    • 8% Euros
  • Five Year Interest Distribution of 46.25% (GBP)
  • Coupons and yields are paid gross, i.e. tax free
  • Underlying Asset Portfolios deliver above market returns in the short term, with over-collateralisation in place to protect investor income distribution
  • No initial charges with 100% allocation

Minimum or Maximum Subscription

The minimum subscription is £100,000. There is no maximum subject to the overall £50m.

Interest Payments

The first interest payment will be released 15 months after each investment’s issue date to support the initial project start-up and have all the compliant legal documentation in place. Subsequent payments will be made on each 12-month anniversary of the first issue until maturity.


On the repayment date the original amount invested (e.g. £1,000 per investment) will be repayable, accompanied by any remaining accrued interest.

Meet the team

Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l. has assembled an Advisory team that has experience at its core and a proven track record of delivering good returns for their investors over many years. Covid-19 has affected the financial sector, but despite the negative economic impact the current Advisory Team members do not have any assets in default or any arrears, which is testament to the quality of their financial management.

The parties and advisors

Marlborough Securities

The Issuer
Marlborough Securities Sàrl
12 avenue de la Porte Neuve,
L-2227 Luxembourg.
RCS No. B 244.213 – Issued Share Capital EUR 12.000

Marlborough Opportunities

Investment Facilitator and Security Agent
Marlborough Opportunities Limited
99-101 Kingsland Road
London E2 8AG

Howard Kennedy

Legal Advisors – UK
Howard Kennedy LLP
1 London Bridge Rd,
London SE1 9BG


Auditors and Tax Advisors
KPMG Luxembourg
39, Avenue John F. Kennedy,
L-1855 Luxembourg

Grosvenor Bridging

Preferred Funding partners
Grosvenor Bridging Loans
99-101 Kingsland Road,
London E2 8AG


Legal Advisors – Luxembourg
5, Rue du Fort Rheinsheim,
L-2419 Luxembourg


Custodian & Transfer Agent
European Depository Bank SA
3 Rue Gabriel Lippmann,
L-5365 Munsbach

The investments

The following are just a few case studies of investment projects that are in the current Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l. investment portfolio. These are likely to be the typical type of projects and loans that will generate business to secure funds for lenders and returns for investors.

Land acquisition for new homes

  • 6.5 acres
  • Main house conversion to four apartments in 2.5 acres and planning for 60 units in further 4 acres
  • £1.2m investment and senior debt, plus 55% of developer’s profit on the 60 units
  • Total Returns £3m

Residential Development Opportunity in SG12

  • 3 apartments with Garden and on-site off-street Parking
  • Purchased NatWest Bank building for £400k
  • Bank is Freehold – no borrowings
  • Fully asset backed
  • SPV for project

Car Leasing Finance

  • Investment of £300k into the world’s smartest Digital Car Ownership and buying advisor
  • Model enables users to make right choice (affordability analysis)
  • IPO a distinct possibility in the medium term
  • 12% Annualised Return

Refinance and refurbishment in SW6

    • A refinance and refurbishment loan of £1.4m
    • First Charge security
    • Property valued independently at £3m (49% LTV)
    • Interest at 14% p.a. payable monthly

Project spotlight

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The next steps

This information is intended to give a broad overview only. You should not make any decision based solely on the contents of this website. If you are unsure as to whether an investment is appropriate for you, you should seek professional advice.

Interested parties may request a Private Placement Memorandum containing full details of the Notes.

Those that decide to invest will then complete the Subscription Form and follow the process to submit, together with all required KYC/AML documentation, which will be checked and processed by the Transfer Agent in Luxembourg.

To receive a subscription form please email Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l.:

Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l. only markets to self-certified ‘high net worth individuals’ and ‘Sophisticated Investors’. All investments marketed by Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l. are illiquid and you may not receive back all of what you invested. All prospective investors should seek independent professional advice before investing.

Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l. have made every attempt to ensure the information in this website is correct and accurate, but cannot guarantee it. No part of this website may be reproduced without the specific approval of Marlborough Securities S.à.r.l.

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